Don’t Hurt Affordable Housing

We urge you to take a stand to save Florida’s affordable housing funding. The Florida Housing Coalition has issued a Call to Action:

“It is CRITICAL to the appropriation of the housing trust funds this year, that you, your colleagues, your friends and family, respond to this Call to Action.

The vast majority of people who voted for Amendment 1 did not think it would hurt affordable housing. But the Senate President has made clear that affordable housing is going to feel the “pain” from the costs of Amendment 1.

Here’s the good news:

Senator Dean’s subcommittee addressing Amendment 1 has set up a website to take public input.

We have only from now until February 1. The Senate MUST hear from all of us that Amendment 1 should not hurt affordable housing.

It takes less than one minute to send your comment “Don’t Hurt Affordable Housing.”

If you want all the state and local housing trust funds to be used for housing this year, we urge you to do this simple but critically important thing. Click here and then make sure that everyone you know has done the same thing.”


To contact your senator, visit The Florida State Senate and submit your comment. If you have any questions, contact Jaimie Ross at [email protected]

The Florida Housing Coalition, Inc., is a nonprofit, statewide membership organization whose mission is to act as a catalyst to bring together housing advocates and resources so that all Floridians have a quality affordable home and suitable living environment.

The Coalition provides professional consultation services through training and technical assistance on affordable housing and related issues; supports community-based partnerships in leveraging resources; and advocates for policies, programs and use of funding resources that maximize the availability and improve the quality of affordable housing in Florida. The Coalition carries out this mission recognizing that affordable housing is an integral part of community revitalization and economic development.